BOOKING calendar Enter in MATRIX

The connection to Matrix is foreseen for groups of 4 to 6 people.

Take advantage of the “EscaperStopToGambrinus” PROMOTION: after the game, discount voucher at the Gambrinus bar / restaurant for groups of 6 people!

Choose between the two scenarios of “Enter in MATRIX”:

Part one: “The search for the Elect”

Second part: “The defeat of the System”

The time has come: the second part of Matrix is ready to be played by all the groups that have already participated in the first part of Matrix (“The search for the Elect”), a scenario that will in any case always remain available for those who have not yet played.

WHAT TO EXPECT? “The defeat of the System” is the final act of the previous Room, with many other puzzles (perhaps a bit more tough) and other surprises that will certainly leave you speechless!

Get ready to enter an Escape Room designed and prepared with an unique style.