The connection to MATRIX is foreseen for groups of 4 to 6 people

Duration of connection: 1 hour

Difficulty level: MEDIUM


MATRIX offers two distinct game sessions, of 1 hour each → you play twice! ←

First part: “The search for the Elect”

We still don’t know who hit first, if we or the cars and how the war started. However, we know that Matrix is a virtual world elaborated on the computer, created by machines to keep us under control. At the beginning of the construction of the Matrix the Oracle, the peace-sustaining program, prophesied the arrival of the chosen one, the man who will have the ability to reset the Matrix as he likes and free our people. Those who are not connected to the Matrix have the mission of freeing the rest of humanity from digital slavery, but to do this some of us have spent their entire lives exploring the Matrix to seek the elect … The last prophecy of the oracle anticipated that it would have been you who found the Chosen …

Second part: “The defeat of the system”

The Oracle confides to NEO that the “Agent Smith” program actually exists only to “counterbalance” the presence of the Chosen, he is his double villain. The Oracle warns Neo that Smith is becoming more and more powerful and that now only he is able to stop his advance; that night the fate of the world of machines and that of men will be in the hands of whoever wins.


Our new adventure is set in the Matrix universe (Wiki) fished by the cult trilogy of the Wachowski brothers. The game takes its cue in many aspects, therefore, you will find yourself immersed in that reality. By analyzing and studying the plot, the characters, the background and the symbolism of the films, we have extrapolated our history, a new vision of the system. A knowledge of Matrix would be required to immerse yourself more pleasantly in the characters and we recommend it, but for the purposes of the game you could also do without it; along the way you will be guided by the characters of the story without sudden fright or disturbing scenes but the tension of the group will always remain to be controlled in order not to lose concentration.

“Unfortunately, none of us are able to describe the Matrix to others. You will have to find out for yourself what it is”. Morpheus

ROUTE AND AUTOMATION This is a multi-environment game, divided into several levels and paths, as you proceed, new environments open up with new puzzles. The space of the game is interactive and the environment reacts based on particular movements and actions of the players with sound effects, lights and various actions. As in the Matrix, it all depends on the Source, which has total control over humans, apart from one: the Chosen.


AID AND SCORING The Source manages the aids based on the difficulties encountered by the players, but be careful because the final score will be inversely proportional to the number of aids and will depend heavily on the time spent solving all the puzzles. Eventually even “tailored” messages can be sent to the most distracted players, always at the expense of the final score.

Small clarification: prepare the name of your group and do not forget it because you will find it in the

official Matrix 1 ranking (go →)

official Matrix 2 ranking (go →)

this will allow you to focus on the outcome of all your efforts … the tension is increasing from now on.

Good luck!