Actively collaborate with us!

This page is dedicated to those who look beyond and see a job opportunity in this activity.

We always start from the “experimental” escape room concept: for this reason every new idea is welcome and more people we are more ideas we will be able to elaborate.

So contact us if you recognize yourself in the following examples:

  • you have an interesting storyline in your head and you would like to implement it
  • you would know how to build original escape room puzzles
  • you would like to apply your knowledge of electronics and/or software in this kind of group games
  • you would like to become the “game master” (the one who directs and follows the escapers during the game)
  • you would like to run such a business
  • you are an electronics teacher and would like your pupils to build an interactive educational escape room
  • you are a teacher and would like to use the escape room as a learning tool (team building)
  • you are a student and would like to organize escape room tournaments in your school
  • you are an owner of escape rooms and would like to exchange ideas, puzzles and/or rooms
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